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Join us for an inspiring event featuring Sushant Tripathy, Research Scientist, Machine Learning at Google.

In this talk we will touch upon recent enabling developments in the field of hardware and computing related to:

  • The current and projected growth of computation power of hand-held and personal devices.
  • The problem of thermal dissipation that hinders packing more power into such devices, and potential upcoming solutions.
  • Current AI Landscape where personal devices’ computing power is underutilized, especially for learning (we will briefly touch upon existing solutions like Federated Learning)
  • Utilization strategies for personal computing for AI inference (especially in combination with cloud infra fallback) and/or division of compute labor between personal devices and cloud infra.

We will walk through a few case studies to highlight how these approaches can reduce enterprise cost and user experience latency, and improve user data privacy.

Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead in the evolving world of technology.