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Transforming Data and AI Into Business Value

Wednesday, April 5, 2023
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

The past few years have been extremely disruptive, forcing a shift in strategy for many organizations. To help navigate these uncertain times, many businesses have utilized cloud technology, data, and artificial intelligence (AI)—some more effective than others at extracting value.

In a recent HBR-AS survey of 366 executives, 45% were identified as “data-to-value leaders.” These leaders use analytics and AI to adapt and prosper, while other companies have been less willing to invest in these technologies and have struggled to generate value from their data.

On Wednesday, April 5, in a live, interactive HBR-AS webinar, Alex Clemente will explore findings of this survey and share insights on the acceleration in the use of cloud technology.

He will then lead a discussion with Google Cloud's Justyna Bak, head of product marketing for Data Cloud and Google Cloud’s Bruno Aziza, head of data analytics, about challenges and strategies involving data, analytics, and AI. They will share perspectives on:

  • The state of enterprise technology
  • Challenges of measuring and reporting on data’s business impact
  • How organizations can build the foundation for data analytics and AI
  • Why many leaders are democratizing access to data insights

As the correlation between data-driven insight and business success grows ever tighter, the pursuit of data-derived business value will continue. Thus, it’s imperative that organizations address key challenges that prevent them from extracting the full value of data.

To learn more about how your business can take the next step in utilizing data, analytics, and AI, join HBR-AS and leaders from Google on April 5.