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The Frameworks of Disruptive Innovation

Thursday, March 30, 2023
5:30 pm - 6:45 pm

Learn how specialized investment firm Rose Park Advisors applies the theory of disruptive innovation to achieve exceptional returns. 

Matt Christensen, co-founder and managing partner of Rose Park Advisors is an asset manager helping leaders build corporate ecosystems so they can systematically identify and act on opportunities regardless of market conditions or competitive threats. Matt founded Rose Park Advisors with his father Prof. Clayton Christensen of Harvard Business School, an academic, entrepreneur, and business consultant who developed the theory of “Disruptive Innovation,” one of the most influential business ideas of the early 21st century. Matt sits on the boards of several of Rose Park’s current investments, including BioLite, Booster Fuels, Fetch and Nomi Health. He also formally served on the boards on some of its most successful investments, including Sync OnSet and Coupang, the largest e-commerce company in Korea.

The session will be co-moderated by Matt Hagen, VP of Entrepreneurship – HBSAB,  Principal-Slalom and Andrew Knott, HBS Angels of Boston, Partner-Brier Cliff Realty, LLC.