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In today’s dynamic business landscape, the realm of healthcare organizations presents a multitude of untapped possibilities for innovation. Unveiling these prospects hinges on the active involvement of frontline clinicians and staff in the art of organizational troubleshooting, a process streamlined through structured methods such as innovation contests. During this enlightening session, we will unveil insights derived from our extensive research and experiential knowledge amassed through orchestrating innovation contests across a comprehensive array of 54 federally qualified health centers (FQHCs).


FQHCs play a critical role in the U.S. health system as safety net providers that receive federal grant funding to deliver primary and supportive care services regardless of the patient’s ability to pay. There is an imperative for innovation and advocating the voice of the frontline workers in this setting, as many FQHCs are severely resource-constrained but also charged with developing systems of patient-centered care that respond to the unique needs of diverse, medically underserved areas and populations.


Join us in this session as we unravel the strategies, findings, and valuable takeaways from our experiences navigating this terrain. Discover how the convergence of innovation contests and healthcare organizations can be harnessed to foster transformation, leverage untapped potential, and usher in a new era of responsive and efficient business practices.


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