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The future is increasingly uncertain. Yet uncertainty impacts individuals differently, and we all react to perceived risks in ways that may either bring stability to our organizations or exacerbate confusion - depending on our unique behavioral make-up.

In this session, participants will apply crisis management best practices, such as planning for contingencies, and behavioral science (such as risk biases) to become mindful of how uncertainty unconsciously shapes their leadership, how they can respond in ways that build their own resilience and that of their organization, and foster confidence around them.

For this program, attendees will need to complete pre-work for this interactive session.
• Survey: your #1 source of uncertainty/risk
• Behavioral Assessment

During this session we will cover:
• Who’s managing uncertainty?
• Bias in risk assessment: your risk appetite vs. your team
• Reacting vs. responding: how your brain processes risk
• Manufacturing time: the value of planning
• Summary of best practices