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Do you hate football? Do you cringe at the thought of joining a spouse, friend, or others to watch a football game? Do you feel left out when others are talking football – at the proverbial water cooler – or on a ZOOM meeting? Perhaps you grew up with soccer and just don’t understand the game. Football is around us, all year. It’s America’s most popular spectator sport.

The program will provide tips and useful information to help you enjoy watching football, including the upcoming BIG GAME. Football can be exciting and fun, with amazing and spectacular moments, shifts of momentum and strategic decisions on every play!

We will discuss why football is so popular, some Fun Facts that even ardent fans might not know, fun things to watch for, and ways to be involved watching the Super Bowl.

Barrie will provide a download link to a FREE “PRE-GAME PLANNER – Seven Things to Know Before Watching a Football Game” to all attendees.