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In Session 4 of the Generative AI Observatory’s summer series, Prof. Shikhar Ghosh will talk through how companies can tactically think about introducing AI into their businesses. He will talk through a real-life example of a company that is actively looking to implement AI to disrupt their own business. Particularly highlighting key questions around, how to set the strategy, what are the key steps to take, what are the benefits, tradeoffs and considerations to implementing AI and how to measure success.

During this session, we will be pleased to have Drew Morgan joining us to showcase practical instances of Generative AI tools utilized for enhancing teamwork in the business setting. Drew is currently the General Manager of Tesseract Rentals. He received his Industrial and Systems Engineering degree from Virginia Tech.  After school, he worked as a federal consultant focusing on resource optimization and workforce analytics. Drew then went on to lead strategy for Capital One Travel prior to moving to Virginia Beach in 2022 to lead Tesseract Rentals. In his spare time, Drew loves to travel and has been to over 30 countries.