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In this Case Study Dr. Barbara van Veen will take the attendants along in an HBS Style Case Study that shows how Kodak could have prevented being disrupted by anticipating on the incumbents.

This event is open to anyone interested in Disruptive Strategy, Strategy Management, the Benefits of Foresight and the Harvard Business School methodology. We do need a minimum of 20 attenants to demonstrate the effects.

Barbara is a highly-regarded futurist and expert in the field of foresight. With over 20 years of experience, she has a deep understanding of the role of expertise in seeing what's next. Barbara helps organizations develop a strategic direction and purpose, enabling them to innovate and successfully navigate change.

She is also a specialist in the detection and interpretation of weak signals, and regularly publishes and reviews new papers on the topic for the Futures Journal.

In addition to her consulting work, Barbara is dedicated to teaching executives about the benefits of foresight and its role in creating a better future. Through her teachings at various universities, she is working to create a waterbed effect: every executive learning to practice foresight well results in a brighter future for their organization and their stakeholders.