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There’s little doubt that all of us want quality of life as we age. But each of us likely has a different interpretation of what that might look like.   And certainly, each of us has a different opinion about the trade-offs we are willing to make to achieve that goal.  The Netflix series Blue Zones gave insight into why several areas around the planet have a disproportionate number of centenarians.

There is a joke about a man who walks into his physician’s office and asks “Doctor, if I give up alcohol, cigarettes, and sex will I live longer?”   His doctor responds, “Well, it will certainly make it seem longer.”

In this session, we will explore our personal thoughts on aging gracefully. Are the basic tenets of Blue Zone living possible given where you reside and your lifestyle?  What are the trade-offs of doing the things you know you need to do to live life longer and better versus enjoying the moment?   What if the genetic cards you have drawn seem like they don’t work in your favor?  Is there any value in genetically mapping all the things that might go wrong as you age?   When do we decide enough is enough?

This will be a highly interactive session exploring our own very personal feelings about aging.

Webinar Information 
Date: Tuesday, May 14th
Time: 10:00AM - 11:30AM ET 

This event will be held on Zoom and your webinar link will be sent the morning of the event at 9:00 am from If you do not receive this email, please contact

Contact Information

Jason Schrank

  • Yasmina Mesbahi
  • Amber Cher
  • Dr. Nancy J. Mulrow, M.D.

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