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The International Open and User Innovation (OUI) Conference is the leading academic conference on user innovation and open innovation, two closely related paradigms that have changed our thinking about the organization of innovation over the last decades.


Organized by the Open and User Innovation Society since 2002, the OUI Conference brings together researchers from around the world to discuss recent research on open and user innovation, innovation toolkits, innovation communities, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, open-source software and open hardware, user-producer collaboration, innovation platforms and ecosystems, user entrepreneurship, open innovation policies, and related topics.


The community of scholars meeting at OUI is characterized by a very open, developmental academic culture sharing plenty of feedback and ideas. The conference mainly targets an academic audience of faculty, senior researchers, and Ph.D. students, but is also open to policymakers interested in open and user innovation.


OUI is multi-disciplinary and covers disciplines such as innovation management, strategic management, organization design, marketing, entrepreneurship, public policy, healthcare, psychology, law, and industrial engineering.