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The past two years have seen the return of inflation and an aggressive tightening policy of the Federal Reserve.  This has resulted in a bear market for both stocks and bonds. As we head towards the final third of 2023, it appears that inflation is on a downward trend and heading closer to the Fed target of 2%.  Despite the rise in rates, the US economy has shown remarkable strength and there is considerable optimism about new technologies such as AI and its potential positive impact on productivity and profits. Unemployment is low and the consumer is flush with liquidity. The key questions in the minds of investors are:

Will the Fed finally “pause”?  Are we in for a “soft landing” or a “No landing” scenario for the US economy”? What is the outlook for rates in 2024 and 2025? How should investors position in this environment? Is the proverbial “bull market” around the corner?

Our world-class panelists will focus on the risks and opportunities in fixed income, equities, and alternative investments.  They will also discuss the outlook for the US dollar and international equities.


Webinar Information: 
Date: Wednesday, Nov. 15
Time: 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM ET


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Pricing Information: 
HBS Association of Boston Members - Complimentary
General Public - $30